The two most important reasons for sealcoating are:

The two most important reason for sealcoating are: preservation of your asphalt and to enhance curb appeal. It is an inexpensive process that will maintain the quality of asphalt by providing a water resistant layer, slowing down the oxidation process.

All asphalt eventually has to be replaced, but you can significantly decelerate the replacement cycle with a long-term maintenance program that includes sealcoating. Regular applications of asphalt sealer can extend the life your pavement and save you up to 300% in maintenance costs over a 15-year period.

If you’ve had a new parking lot installed in the last year or two, sealcoating is a must. It’s a smart preventive action against deterioration that restores the original jet black appearance of the pavement.

Left untreated, your parking lot’s biggest enemies-rain, sun, oil and even oxygen-speed up the aging process ad give way to cracks, potholes and eventual failure die to water infiltration. That’s why sealcoating is a must, from residential driveways to shopping mall parking lots.